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Almost, Maine

                        by John Cariani

Heritage Theatre Festival

Ruth Caplin Theatre

July 2015

Directed by David Dalton

Scenic Design by Tom Bloom

Costume Design by Amy Goffman

Lighting Design by R. Lee Kennedy

Sound Design and Composition by Richard L. Sprecker


The 'unorganized' territory of Almost, Maine is the backdrop of several fascinating love stories.  A small ensemble cast tells each story of love found and lost, sometimes in surprising places.  The music needed to reflect each story, support each mood.  Sometimes they were light-hearted, other times very comical, and still others were sad and longing.  It was a joy to discover these musical moments in the creation of this piece.

Opening - Theme for Prologue

End of the Prelude, transitioning into Her Heart

Appearance of the Northern Lights

End of Sad and Glad, going into This Hurts

Seeing the Thing - Overly excited snowmobilers

Prologue Theme returns for Epilogue

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