Sound Effect Creation

Despite the large number of sound effect libraries available, certain effects must be created from scratch.  Some of these are sampled below.

Breaking Flower Pots - Created for a production of Little Shop Of Horrors, this effect was constructed by using a wooden plank loaded up with several flower pots, assorted tools, and empty cans.  This was dumped onto a hard surface floor.

Bullets Falling - For a production of A Tuna Christmas, we did a special session involving a dropped box and several handfulls of bullet shells.

Games - Needing a variety of sound effects involving all types of games, this collage has all variety of shuffling cards, moving pieces, and dropped checkers.

Glass - Exploring the unique properties of glass impacts, whether empty or full, as well as breaking glass, this collage shows a variety of different effects.

Crunchy Food - Many options exist for sounds of food crunching, and I explored several in this collage.