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The Whipping Man

                                                               by Matthew Lopez

The Whipping Man is a powerful tale set at the end of the civil war.  We wanted to show the brutality and destruction of the war, between the war-torn home that was our set, and the driving music of the piece.  The projections served to bring the reality of the war into the piece.
The play opened with a text narrative of the events leading up to the beginning of the story.  During the scenic transitions, large pieces of fabric would travel across the stage, catching parts of images showing the destruction of Richmond and soldiers in their trenches.
It was a powerful show, one that I will not soon forget.
The video shows a compilation of the imagery used during the show.

Kansas City Repertory Theatre - Spencer Theatre

March 2012


Directed by Eric Rosen

Scenic Design by Jack Magaw

Costume Design by Alison Heryer

Lighting Design by Victor En Yu Tan

Sound Design by Andre Pluess

Projections Design by Richard L. Sprecker

Photo by Don Ipock

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