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                        by Ken Ludwig

Weathervane Playhouse

July 2016


Directed by Joseph Bishara

Scenic Design by Amy Sue Hazel

Costume Design by Renee Bell

Lighting Design by Jennifer Sansfacon

Sound Design and Composition by Richard L. Sprecker


Another harrowing tale of Sherlock Holmes, Baskerville is a unique ensemble piece where two principles play the roles of Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson, and three ensemble characters play everything else.  On a unique composite-set that could become many locations, this piece relied heavily on sound and lighting to create a sense of location and mood.  This music took on the challenge of the mystery, and helped create tension.

221B Baker Street - Theme for each time we returned

Story Underscore - The tale of our tragedy

Baskerville Hall - Arriving at the castle

Fighting Underscore

Eerie Underscore

Curtain Call - Main Theme

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