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                     by Lisa Loomer

In our modern world, it is very easy to become distracted by all the stimulus we are subjected to.  This piece looks at a contemporary family seeking to focus on what is important in their lives.  Their young child is suspected of suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, and they try many ways to remedy the situation, and in doing so come to a unique resolution for their son and for themselves.
The scenic design involved a large television which was my principal image surface.  There were also eight older tvs included in the set, some at odd angles, which became another output.  And, I included two additional projectors to wash the set in imagery.  The combination could be quite... distracting.  But, the end result was quite satisfying and clear.

Unicorn Theatre/UMKC Co-Production

November 2010


Directed by Cynthia Levin

Scenic Design by Tabitha Pease

Costume Design by Allison Dillard

Lighting Design by SeifAlla Cristobal

Sound Design by Dan Warneke

Projections Design by Richard L. Sprecker

Photos by Cynthia Levin

This video is a compilation of the backdrop pictures used to represent several doctors, psychologists, and a teacher.

This video is a condensed version of the IM conversation between two characters at the end of the show.

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