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Dead On Her Feet

                        by Ron Hutchinson

World Premier Performance

North Wall Arts Center, Oxford, UK - September 2012

Arcola Theatre, London, UK - October 2012


Directed by Barry Kyle

Scenic Design by Alex Berry

Costume Design by Genevieve Beller

Lighting Design by Eric Scott Voecks

Sound Design and Composition by Richard L. Sprecker


Photo by Simon Annand

In the Great Depression, dance marathons became a popular form of entertainment, as people would dance for days on end for the chance to win a cash prize that could save them.  Ron Hutchinson's play was a world-premier work, told from the perspective of Howard McDade, a bouncer at one such dance marathon in Palaski Falls.  Six strangers come together and dance for their life.  The piece pulls on parallels between the despiration of these six strangers and the current recession hitting all over the world.


This piece required a stylized classic yet contemporary dance approach.  Music was revamped from its predecessor production of "Shoothorses" and new songs were written. 

Trance - An introductory music selection to the play - 

Waltz of Nostalgia - Underscoring for a sentimental memory - 

Vicious Dance - One of the manic marathon underscores - 

Film Noir Underscore - 

Waltz of Lamentation - A young couple lament their situation - 

Mambo - Energetic driving dance

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