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Since I was young, I have played around with music, occasionally writing small pieces of original music.  Through my design exploration and training, I have been able to refine that skill into composing original music.  Below is a sampling of music composed for theatrical productions.

Mr. Memory Theme - Composed as an intro for the character Mr. Memory from The 39 Steps, this theme wound its way into several of the show music selections.

Chase Sequence - Composed for The 39 Steps, this theme was during one of the many chase sequences.  The Mr. Memory theme is present in a minor mode.

Fortune Teller Underscore - This was composed for a production of The White Liars.  In this scene, a dockside fortune teller is reading the crystal ball, and the future is grim.

Music To Hang From A Bridge By - Written for The 39 Steps, our hero is hanging from a bridge in the dark, as the cops try to arrest him.

Walking Through The House - In The 39 Steps, our hero is lulled into a false sense of security while visiting a potential benefactor's home, which is big.  Really big.

One Chord Selection - An original composition based around a single chord.  

Tension Underscore - Originally composed for The 39 Steps, this selection has been used a few times to underscore tense moments.

Curtain Call - From the production of The 39 Steps and revamped for inclusion in Dead On Her Feet, this selection represents my love of big band music.

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